• What If Your Whole Life Is A Prayer?

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    Patrick Marcus Osborne

    Patrick Marcus Osborne

    As I do my research on inspirational topics and images, I came across the Vlog (video diaries) of Patrick Marcus Osborne.

    Patrick Osborne, a name which means, Noble Warrior of God, driven spiritually into athletic pursuits, Marcus became the British heavyweight TKD champion.  After he had achieved his athletic goals, he wanted to pursue his love for helping humanity with the same vigor. Marcus is inspired most by the quote, “Be the change in the world that you’d like to see. ” which brought him to his current goal of serving truth and helping people to discover their own path. Marcus likes to integrate the mind, body and spirit principal that the Greeks are so famous for, yet during his experience, he has learned to put spirit first, mind second and the body becomes a reflection of the first two components. Marcus makes a vow to only give himself Superfoods and he would call himself a living experiment.

    I asked Marcus to submit a vlog that would reflect his “Testimony” for Elev8.com.  The thought provoking question that came forth for me after watching this – became the title of this post “What If Your Whole Life Is A Prayer”?

    For more information on Marcus and his company check out  www.organiclifeandfitness.com

    Let us know your thoughts and comments.

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