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    Enjoy Life!

    Enjoy Life!

    The beauty of life is in the living of it. And the living of life is now.

    It is fine to make grand, wonderful plans and to then bring those plans to life through your efforts. Yet do not ignore the quiet, stunningly beautiful treasures in each ordinary moment.

    Happiness is not in some distant place of perfection and pleasure. Happiness is waiting for you to give it life in this moment.

    If all of your dreams were to suddenly come true, you would have no use for them. For the real essence of their joy is in the journey you take to reach those dreams.

    It is in working your way through each day, one moment after another, that you connect with the value of life. Every flavor of experience adds to the richness in one way or another.

    Do not put a lot of effort into judging whether today is good or bad, happy or sad. Just go ahead and live it with a thankful heart, and you will surely experience this day’s own special value .

    Sending you a smile, Robin Downes

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