• Bad Boy Tips!: 5 Ways To Unleash Your Inner Bad Girl!

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    sultry woman(From shine.com)

    Spring is springing, and that means … va-va voom spring fever! We’ve been cooped up all winter; now’s the perfect time to let a little loose and channel your inner Samantha. Whether you’re single or happily in a relationship, we can all use a shot of spice to go with our sugar now and then. Of course – always be safe! Luckily that doesn’t mean you can’t be bad …

    Here are 5 ideas for getting a little wild and crazy:

    1. Arrange a rendezvous with your guy at a bar and pretend like you’ve never met. Reverse your usual roles – if he usually takes the lead, it’s your turn to be man-eater and make him pay off those drinks you bought him. Do you usually call the shots? Let him be Mr. Big and sweep you off your feet … and out of all your clothes except your high heels.

    2. Have a date or night out planned? Don’t wear any undies. And only tell him if you want to.

    My man has a fetish…of the oral kind

    3. Challenge your man to a new position challenge – one new hot method a day for a week. See who can get the most creative … extra points awarded for switching up the locations; extra-extra points for accessories, mood lighting, and sexy outfits.

    4. Use this adult social-networking app from PinPointsX to “pin point” an erotic partner or locale. Think of it as hooking up 2.0 – it uses the GPS in your phone to find a potential hottie in your area. Of course, as always, be smart about what you are doing.

    5. Wear the lowest-cut dress or the shortest mini skirt you’ve ever worn in your life.


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