• Casey’s Top 10 Movies Of 2010

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    Lots of good movies this year, not too many Black ones. Here are my Top 10. I didn’t see every movie but these are the one I saw.

    10. Expendables

    Being a big Rambo and Commando fan, I appreciated this tribute to the action movies of the 80s. Good action and good chemistry between our generation’s greatest action movie stars.

    9. Takers

    Takers was a great multi-racial heist movie. Idris Elba and Chris Brown were great in the movie and T.I. played a good villain.

    8. Shutter Island

    This movie was a pretty good psychological thriller with good acting by Leonardo DiCaprio. Love the Boson accent.

    7. Book Of Eli

    The Hughes Brothers and Denzel teamed up for a good biblical post apocalyptic action movie with a great twist at the end.

    6. Iron Man 2

    Iron Man 2 had some great action sequences and computer animation. Don’t really remember the plot but that isn’t important.

    5. Inception

    I’ll admit I didn’t get the plot fully but I only watched in once, or maybe I was dreaming. Still it was a very entertaining movie.

    4. Tron

    Tron was great sci-fi computer epic with great computer animation, good acting and a decent plotline.

    3. Toy Story 3

    Great movie for kids or adults. Anyone who can watch this movie without revisiting their childhood toys probably didn’t have any.

    2. The Other Guys

    The best comedy of the year and Will Ferrell’s funniest movie ever(better than Anchorman).

    1. The Social Network

    I know a movie about a Harvard kid creating a website might seem boring but this well acted, well written movie is the most captivating movie of 2010.

    1. The Social Network

    Who’d have thought a movie about Harvard students creating a website could be so interesting. Great acting, great plot. Should win an Oscar or two.


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