• Improving Your Food Choices

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    VIA: Women’sHealth.Gov

    Eating Out
    In any restaurant:
    • Ask for salad dressing, gravy, or sauce on the side and use sparingly.
    • Choose main dishes that are broiled, baked, roasted, or grilled, instead of deep-fried or pan-fried.
    • Don’t be afraid to make special requests, such as asking that something be cooked with less fat.
    When ordering a sandwich:
    • Add lettuce and tomato.
    • Ask for whole-wheat or rye bread.
    • Choose mustard instead of mayonnaise.
    At Chinese restaurants:
    • Have brown rice instead white rice.
    • Order a side dish of steamed broccoli.
    At fast food places:
    • Order smaller burgers. Skip the cheese and bacon.
    • Order a grilled chicken sandwich.
    • Order garden or grilled chicken salads with low-fat dressings.
    • Choose water or low-fat milk instead of regular soda.
    At pizza places:
    • Ask for vegetable toppings, such as mushrooms or peppers, rather than meat toppings.
    • Get whole-wheat crust.
    • Request half the cheese.
    • Eat a salad with low-fat dressing in place of a slice of pizza.

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