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No longer are headbands strictly the domain of the elementary schooler’s or the preppy Gossip Girl folk of the world, headbands have become a wardrobe necessity, and with styles to suit every occasion, it’s easy to see why.

Here are 6 reasons why you need to be wearing headbands this season…

1. They can be an easy way to change your look, without the expense of a salon appointment.

2. They are the perfect solution to a bad hair day. Whether you didn’t have time to flat iron, or just ran out of shampoo, chuck your hair in an easy ponytail, add a headband and voila, instant chic!

3. They are perfect on a cold day, when you want to keep your head warm, but hate the hat hair a woolen hat gives you.

4. They can help add that something special and a point of difference to any outfit.

5. You can show off your earrings.

6. They work for every occasion. Wear a plain, thin one to work, a feathered or sparkly one to drinks with friends, a colorful, fun one to show off your own flair on the weekend…the possibilities are endless!

Check out our gallery for some of the hottest headbands around this season…


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