• Blogger: BET Best At Exemplifying The Worst

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    And the BET, Tiffany Green jab keeps coming…

    Blogger Jay Smooth posted a satirical video on his blog “Ill Doctrine,” surrounding newly famed Tiffany Green, who has been in headlines for her announcement mix up at the 2011 BET Awards, and a viral picture of Green’s facial expression that is worth a thousand words.

    Smooth writes “Giving thanks to Tiffany Green and BET, for the picture that captures everything I would’ve said in all the videos I never made this past year.”

    “I usually like to avoid taking shots at BET since they’re such an easy target, and they have done some good things over the years; but at times like this they just make it impossible!”

    In the video, a whimsical Smooth provides commentary on the picture and its impact on American culture.

    An excerpt from the video reads:

    I think this photo is an important work of art. Not since, maybe Picasso’s Guernica has a single image spoken so powerful to these times we live in.

    I give thanks to the poetically elastic face of Tiffany Green and to the perennial incompetence of BET for giving us the perfect image to represent this post-absurdity age we live in today.

    See Video Below:


    Nicki Minaj, Justin Bieber Innuendo: BET Has Gone Too Far

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