• Married Weatherman Fired After Explicit Facebook Sexting Exposed

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    Geoff Fox weatherman fired

    Fox Connecticut fired its in-house weatherman Geoff Fox (pictured above), after a frisky conversation he had with photographer Zoel Kennedy (below) on Facebook went viral, according to the UK Daily Mail.

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    zoel kennedy geoff fox

    Fox, who is married with a daughter, had a marathon-long conversation with Kennedy that would have been a better fit for a porn site rather than social media site Facebook.

    In the conversation, Kennedy is detailed about what he’d like to do with Kennedy, making even the most bold among us blush. The conversation was picked up in an article entitled, “Married Weatherman Caught Sexting With a Photographer,” and not surprisingly, went viral thereafter.

    Geoff Fox:

    they are pretty

    I am oral

    I like to lick

    I like to lick X*

    Zoel Kennedy:


    o i c


    Geoff Fox:

    Two years since your X has been kissed

    X need kissing

    Zoel Kennedy:


    Geoff Fox:


    Zoel Kennedy:

    yes they do

    Geoff Fox:

    would you wrap your legs around my head

    Oh, and there’s more. Much more:

    Geoff Fox:

    not tonight, but we can do video some time

    Zoel Kennedy:


    Geoff Fox:

    but right now I just want you to relax

    Zoel Kennedy:

    no video

    Geoff Fox:

    and concentrate all your feelings on your X

    ok — video

    no video is fine

    get on top of me and hump me Zoel

    sit on my X

    and slide yourself up and down

    while you do I’ll rub your X

    because I want to feel your X get tight around my X

    I want you to come for me

    And more:

    Geoff Fox:

    you are my erotic fantasy girl


    I want to hear you call my name

    I want your muscles to go tight

    I want your X to clamp down on my X

    so when I stroke inside of you I have to come

    I can’t hold myself back

    and I want you to come to

    I want to keep thrusting my X in you

    and hold onto your X

    and make you beg for my come

    I’ll make out with you while we X

    I want you to get turn on with every pore

    come to me baby


    come for me now

    And there’s even more…but we think you get the point.

    Once the post went viral and Fox officials were notified, Geoff was unceremoniously fired from his job.

    Undeterred, Geoff implored Fox to reconsider their decision in his blog post, “My Permanent Record”:

    I had no idea this private conversation would be made public, but what I did was still wrong even if it had remained private.

    This is a very difficult time for my family. I betrayed a trust with my wife and daughter which won’t be mended quickly. I have made promises to them I intend to keep.

    Losing my job is also very difficult.

    Unfortunately, this is not the first time Geoff has been fired. After reportedly working for Connecticut TV Channel WTNH for 26 years, Geoff was fired last January, on his return from vacation.

    Oddly enough, a WTNH spokesman would not comment on why Geoff was let go, even though he was popular staple on the show, “As this is a personnel matter, FOX CT will offer no further comment or details surrounding Mr Fox’s dismissal.”

    X* – All of the Xes are places where the words were blacked out.

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