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    Nicki Minaj Almost Arrested


    Nicki Minaj almost got arrested after she hugged a male fan during a promo trip to the United Arab Emirates. The “Barbie Doll” rapper sat down with Jimmy Kimmel and revealed she broke the strict Islamic law when she attempted to hug a man in the departures area at a private airport in Dubai.

    Any physical contact or public display of affection between a male and an unmarried female is forbidden in the conservative country.

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    Minaj revealed that she risked being thrown in jail because the fan was “so cute”:

    “When we were leaving, there was this one guy who was so frigging (extremely) cute I was just like, (wanting to hug him) bye ’cause I just wanted this one last moment, just to savour the moment with him,” she explained during a recent appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel show.

    “But literally I didn’t know that he was a cop! They don’t have a police uniform… It was at a private airport so they were just dressed in their regular garments.”

    “I went to give him a hug and… literally I felt like time stopped in Dubai. I felt like everything froze and every single person turned around in slow motion and was just like, ‘Noooooo!’ and everyone in my team thought I was gonna be put in jail!

    “It was the scariest thing but he kind of put his arms up a little bit and cracked this nervous smile, and I was like, ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry!’ and then I just left.”

    Whew! That was close!

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