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    I was trying to put this in writing because sometimes there is always the chance that an amendment, addendum or exception to the rule will come up.  But basically, when it comes to the NFL teams, I root for the team with the black quarterback, if two black quarterbacks are facing each other, I go for the darker quarterback, if they have the same complexion, I go with the one with the widest nose, and if that doesn’t work, I go with the one with the darkest wife.  Same with coaches and that’s when it DOES get a little fuzzy as you know.  If it gets too confusing, (new rule) I have the right to consult Bill Nye the Science Guy.

    The biggest question is how’s my system working out for me.  Well, depending on how you look at it, I’m 10- 17 so far.

    I know it’s looking really bad for Michael Vick and RGIII, but stick with me.  Stranger things have happened. Do you how many jobs I was fired from before my career finally took off.

    What’s much bigger than the jinx….which is a BIT, is my love and support for African-Americans in professional sports.  The pride goes way back to my roots with HBCUs and what happens to the players when they leave those institutions, as well as main stream colleges and universities.  If you’re under 40, you may think of black quarterbacks and coaches in the NFL like 6 years think of an African-American president…hasn’t it always been this way?

    No, it hasn’t. It was a long and painful struggle, and even when it finally happened, it wasn’t easy for them or their fans.  The unfair criticism we had to hear about James Harris, Doug Williams, Joe Gilliam and Warren Moon, and the coaches Art Shell and Dennis Green made us even more protective and proud of these pioneers.

    So, I’m not begging anyone’s pardon while I cheer each Sunday through Sunday for the soldiers on the grid iron who stand on the shoulders, whether they know it or not the QB’s and coaches that made it to the NFL and especially the ones who deserved it but weren’t given a shot.

    That being said…here’s my record in black and white for the first three weeks:

    WEEK 1:  3- 6

    Terrell Pryor vs. Colts = LOSS

    Josh Freeman, Bucs vs. Geno Smith, Jets= WIN

    Michael Vick, Eagles vs. RGIII, Skins= WIN

    Colin Kaepernick, 49ers vs. Packers= WIN

    Russell Wilson, Seahawks vs. Cam Newton, Panthers= LOSS

    E,J, Manuel, Bills vs. Patriots = LOSS

    Leslie Frazier, Vikings vs. Lions- LOSS

    Mike Tomlin, Steelers vs. Titans = LOSS

    Marvin Lewis, Cincinnati Bengals vs. Bears= LOSS

    WEEK 2: 3-5

    Saints vs. Bucs, Josh Freeman= LOSS

    Jaguars vs. Raiders (Terrell Pryor)= WIN

    Geno Smith, Jets Vs. Pats= LOSS

    RGIII, Skins vs. Packers= LOSS

    Cam Newton, Panthers vs. E.J. Manuel, Bills= LOSS

    Caepernick, 49ers vs. Russell Wilson, Seahawks= WIN


    Leslie Frazier, Vikings vs. Chicago= LOSS

    Steelers Mike Tomlin vs. Bengals Marv Lewis= WIN

    WEEK 3:  4-6

    Michael Vick vs. Chiefs= LOSS

    Cam Newton, Panthers Vs. Giants= WIN

    RGIII, Redskins vs. Detroit Lions= LOSS

    Josh Freeman, Bucs vs. Patriots= LOSS

    Colin Kaepernick, 49ers vs. Colts= LOSS

    Russell Wilson, Seahawks vs. Jaguars= WIN

    Geno Smith, Jets vs. E.J. Manuel, Bills= WIN

    Monday Night Football= Terrell Pryor, Raiders vs. Broncos= Still to Play


    Coach Mike Tomlin, Steelers vs. Chicago Bears= LOSS

    Coach Marvin Lewis, Bengals vs. Packers= WIN

    Coach Leslie Frazier, Vikings vs. Cleveland Browns= LOSS

    To my haters and celebrators,let me know who you’re with tonight.  If you believe in the jinx, how do you account for the wins I’ve got so far?

    (Photos: AP)

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