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Babyface Reveals Feelings About Tracey Edmonds Marriage To Eddy Murphy & Deion Sanders

Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Babyface is Oprah’s latest muse on “Oprah’s Next Chapter.” The Grammy Award-winning producer opened up about his previous relationship with Tracey Edmonds that was more of an illusion that and they kept hidden. “We wanted it to look like that. We felt responsible…the reality is that there was a connection that wasn’t really there. We loved each other but we weren’t really IN love with each other….It was more the idea of it falling apart…and me holding onto the image of what I thought we were…I don’t feel like we were supposed to be together forever…I’m okay with it because I think she’s ok, he said.” They eventually divorced and Tracey moved on to Eddie Murphy and Deion Sanders who he praised for being a classy man.

See what else he had to say about Deion and Eddie Murphy:

On Tracey’s marriage to Eddie Murphy:

I didn’t think it was the best thing…I didn’t know Eddie…so, I said to Tracey, ‘It’s your decision..’ It wasn’t for me to step-in…but things happened the way they were supposed to happen.

On Deion Sanders:

Deion’s a good guy…Deion did one thing for me…which I thought was the classiest thing in the world….I’ve given her my opinion on certain things….I knew Deion seemed like a nice guy…When he called me and said he didn’t want to meet my children until he sat down with me….so he [wanted to] know me before he met my children…I was in. Tracy is family, so I wanna make sure she’s good.

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