• Why WorldStarHipHop Is The Worst [EXCLUSIVE]

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    Every day, millions get their fill of ratchetness by going online to WorldStarHipHop.com. The video site, filled with fights captured on iPhones, children behaving like adults, and just general inappropriateness, is sadly one of the black community’s most viewed sites.

    Well, Steve is fed up and has exiled World Star Hip Hop from the community.

    “If I have to see one more video of kids twerking and grinding on each other before they eat birthday cake, I’m gonna slap somebody. Why does one of our biggest black sites have to be ghetto?” says Steve.

    Check out more of why Steve is giving the site its walking papers!

    STEVE:  This week on Kick ‘Em Out Of Our Community, World Star Hip Hop.  I know World Star Hip Hop is not a person, but World Star Hip Hop continues to promote nigger-dom, you ever see TMZ’s website?  When you hear somebody yell out TMZ you know there’s a celebrity around.  You get happy.  You smile.  When you hear somebody yell out World Star Hip Hop, you better duck.  (Machine gun fire) Because some bullet is about to go down.  If I have to see one more video with kids twerking and grinding on each other before they eat birthday cake I’m gonna slap somebody.  Why does one of our biggest black websites have to be ghetto?  How come they can’t be like other sites?  I like kittens playing.  (meow) I like videos of dogs that bark I love you.  (I love you) But noooo, I gotta see the Waffle House brawl with two dark skinned chicks with blonde hair and blue eyes ripping out their weaves.  Why do I have to see three generations of twerkers and the grandmother is only 31?  If World Star Hip Hop was a person it would be the uncle you when you was a kid but always wants to be your space partner at Thanksgiving.  So for that, World Star Hip Hop, y’all gotta go.

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